For Luis Lima, the past 10 months have been a blur. In early March, he and his team Total Futbol Academy- San Fernando Valley became Cal South State Cup Champions in the Boys Under 13 Presidents Division. Three months later, they won the US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup Championship in Salt Lake City. To top off the 2016-17 Season, TFA-SFV clinched the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup title, and the icing on the cake was added when Lima was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, the most coveted honor chased by thousands of players nationwide.

However, Lima’s journey did not end there.

After participating in the California Regional League, Lima was scouted and added to the Cal South PRO+ ODP Winter Cycle Player Pool, and eventually made the cut from the 55-player pool into the 18-player roster that would travel to the 2018 US Youth Soccer ODP West Championships in Phoenix.

“I always dreamed of this happening,” Lima told about his inclusion into the ODP Roster. “I just always worked hard and never gave up. I always move forward, and I always take everything one step at a time.”

In the ODP Regional tournament, Lima continued to excel and was able to bond with the top talent in Southern California in a short amount of time. That bond contributed immensely to the success the 2004 Boys had in Phoenix and that landed them the ODP West Championship on a special day, Lima’s birthday.

“It was one of the greatest experience to win and to win with a group of teammates that knew it was my birthday and they took the game as a gift for my birthday,” he said. “They wanted to win it because it was my birthday and they said, ‘this is for you, Luis’”.

After finishing among the top two in their Coast Soccer League season, Lima and TFA-SFV have registered and are preparing to participate in the upcoming Cal South National Cup where they will begin activity on February 24.

“I can definitely use the experience and become a better soccer player because the coaches taught me a lot,” he said. “They taught me things that I didn’t know, and I can teach my [TFA-SFV] teammates what I learned.

“[Now] I look forward to getting scouted to another program, like the national team. And winning and taking my teammates far and making my coaches happy and proud,” he finalized.