Cal South Logos
& Usage


Before downloading any of our logos, users should make themselves familiar with our new Brand Standards Guide, which you can view or download through the link below…

2022 Cal South Brand Standards Guide – PDF

The purpose of our Brand Standards Guide is to provide anyone who is planning to use any or all versions of Cal South’s logos a foundation for keeping consistency of our brand across all forms of media, business documents, apparel, and signage. This includes the use of our logos in broadcast media, online, merchandise, collateral, promotions, and advertising.

We ask that you review the following guide carefully if you are planning to use our marks in any form. It is important to the organization that usage of its branding is consistent and professional. Please follow the guidelines outlined in this manual for the most effective expression of the Cal South brand.

We reserve the right to ask that our branding be either removed or corrected if used in a manner that goes against the rules that we have set down for our marks in our Brand Standards Guide.


Primary Vertical Logo

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Primary Horizontal Logo

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Primary Vertical Reverse Logo

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Primary Horizontal Reverse Logo

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If you require other types of our logos for different backgrounds, different color combinations, or departmental logo shields, please contact or call 714.778.2972.