Boise, Idaho (UPDATED June 26, 2022) – Two Cal South teams – Boca OC and UIFC Laguna FC – captured titles today in this morning’s finals round at the 2022 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships, held at the Simplot Sports Complex in Boise, Idaho from June 20-26, 2022.

Cal South had 23 teams attending this event, fifteen of whom qualified for Friday’s quarterfinals round, seven of whom made Saturday’s semifinals round, and two of whom made the finals round today.

The Far West Regionals are one of four regional competitions that form the USYS National Championship Series. U13-U19 winners at the regional level will next move on to the 2022 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup from July 7-10 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

With today’s victory in the BU15 bracket, UIFC Laguna FC has now won two separate Far West Regional titles this year, as their BU12 team also won last Sunday morning, June 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the U12 FWR championships were held concurrently with the Far West Presidents Cup in Phoenix last week. However, the U12 Far West Regional winners do not move on to the national level, so only the two Cal South teams noted above will head to North Carolina in July.

For a recap of all the Cal South games and scores throughout the week, see the daily notes that follow and see the scoreboard below.

UPDATE SUN., 6/26/2022 12:10 p.m. (PDT) – Due to an injury delay in a previous match, the Boys U15 game, which was set to start before the B13 match, finished much later instead. Cal South’s UIFC Laguna FC came out on top, 4-1, over United PDX of Oregon. This gives Cal South teams two regional titles for the day!! Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents of UIFC Laguna FC and Boca OC!

UPDATE SUN., 6/26/2022 11:20 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South’s Boca OC has just won a regional championship as they defeated Oregon Premier FC, 2-1 for the Boys U13 title! Still waiting for the score from the BU15 match…

UPDATE SUN., 6/26/2022 7:42 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South has two teams in today’s finals round: Boys U13 Boca OC and Boys U15 UIFC Laguna FC. The BU15 match starts at 10:25 a.m. (MDT) and the BU13 match shorty thereafter at 10:45 a.m. (MDT). Both games will be played against squads from Oregon. Check back here later today for updates.

UPDATE SAT., 6/25/2022 11:32 a.m. (PDT) – GU17 Utah Avalanche shut out Apple Valley Storm, 3-0 in the 10:30 a.m. match. Cal South has two teams in Sunday’s finals: Boys U15 UIFC Laguna FC and Boys U13 Boca OC. Check here tomorrow for updates from the finals.

UPDATE SAT., 6/25/2022 11:22 a.m. (PDT) – Albion SC Central Cal lost their GU14 semifinal 10:15 a.m. match as Atomic City FC (NV) slipped past them, 2-1. Waiting for the score from sole remaining match for Cal South today, the GU17 semifinal that began at 10:30 a.m. (MDT).

UPDATE SAT., 6/25/2022 9:21 a.m. (PDT) – Semifinals scores in so far: BU13 Boca OC solidified a spot in the finals tomorrow with an overtime shutout over Las Vegas Diversity FC, 1-0.  Boys U15 UIFC Laguna got to move forward to the finals by defeating its fellow Cal South squad, the Futbol Legacy Wolves of Norwalk, by shutting them out, 3-0. But BU14 Westside Timbers (OR) got past La Esperanza with a busy overtime, 4-1, to end up in the finals, and BU17 Hawaii Rush shut out Pumas USA, 4-0. Two Cal South teams thus far in Sunday’s finals round. Two more games to go today.

UPDATE SAT., 6/25/2022 8:07 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South has seven teams in today’s Semifinals round competing in six different age brackets. The first four games are already underway in Boise as of 8:00 a.m. (MDT). Of special note is the Boys U15 semi, where two Cal South teams – UIFC Laguna FC and Futbol Legacy Norwalk – face each other for a chance to play in the final. The other two games start at 10:15 and 10:30 a.m., respectively.

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 3:09 p.m. (PDT) – In the first of two GU17 2 p.m. matches, Utah Avalanche shut out Cerritos United SC (who had been given the slot when the qualifying team from Nevada had to drop out), 2-0. In the other GU17 game, Apple Valley Storm shut out EBUSC Bay Oaks of Cal North, 1-0 to grab a spot in tomorrow’s semis. Overall, Cal South will have 7 teams competing in 6 different age brackets tomorrow. Check back here for all the scores and updates! Go Cal South!

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 2:41 p.m. (PDT) – Two scores in from the 2 p.m. quarterfinal matches, both losses: GU13 USA Premier (UT) bested Apple Valley Storm, 5-1, and in an other GU13 match, Las Vegas Surf beat Albion SC Central Cal, 4-1. The two remaining games are both in the Girls U17 bracket and we should have scores on those soon… 

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 2:28 p.m. (PDT) – Four more Cal South teams made the semis this afternoon during noon (MDT) matches. In a pair of Boys U13 games, Washington’s 3RSC denied Xplosion SC a spot by beating them 3-1; however, Boca OC slipped past Santa Clara Sporting of Cal North, 2-1 to move forward. In overtime, UIFC Laguna took out La Roca (UT), 4-3, to move to the Boys U15 semis tomorrow, as did Futbol Legacy Wolves as they shut out Pacific Northwest SC (WA), 3-0. In the Boys U17 quarterfinal, Pumas USA topped Westside Timbers (OR), 3-1. Scores from the four 2 p.m. matches coming up soon to close out the day…

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 11:16 a.m. (PDT) – Another of our teams lands in tomorrow’s semis as Albion SC Central Cal defeated Impact MN (UT), 2-1 in their Girls U14 10:00 a.m. match. Other outcomes from 10:00 a.m.: Utah’s La Roca beat Elite Development Academy, 3-1, and 3RSC Black (WA) topped Oxnard United SC, 2-1. There are five noon matches just underway in Boise right now.

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 9:39 a.m. (PDT) – At least one Cal South team will play in tomorrow’s Semifinals after this morning’s 8:00 a.m. matches, as BU14 La Esperanza drew 1-1 with Colorado’s B-Elite Academy, but then topped them in penalty kicks, 6-5. This ties in directly with La Esperanza making it into the Quarterfinals round via a wild card PK shootout yesterday that also ended up 6-5. In the two other Cal South matches, BU14 Las Vegas Diversity FC defeated Anaheim FC, 2-1, while BU18 Boise Timbers edged out Santa Barbara SC, 3-2.

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 8:06 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South now has 15 teams playing today. In the Girls U17 bracket, the team from Nevada had to drop out, which meant that Cerritos United, based on their final results from three days of Bracket Play, moved into the Quarterfinals in their place. They will now play in a 2:00 p.m. match this afternoon.

UPDATE FRI., 6/24/2022 7:26 a.m. (PDT) – The Quarterfinals round of the 2022 Far West Regionals is just starting this morning in Boise, with three Cal South teams competing in 8:00 a.m. (MDT) games on the field right now. Overall, Cal South has 14 teams (out of its original 23 attending teams) playing in the Quarterfinals today. See the full scoreboard of all Cal South games further down in this story.

UPDATE THU., 6/23/2022 10:14 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South has 14 of its original 23 teams in Quarterfinals round matches tomorrow morning (Friday, June 23). First games will start at 8:00 a.m. (MDT). A list of all the day’s matchups appears on the scoreboard below…

UPDATE THU., 6/23/2022 9:42 a.m. (PDT) – After the close of the third and final day of Bracket Play yesterday, two Boys U14 teams were completely tied across the scoreboard in regards to a wild card position in Friday’s Quarterfinals round. Cal South’s La Esperanza faced off with Oregon’s United PDX this morning at 9:00 a.m. (MDT) in a penalty kick shootout to determine who would advance. La Esperanza prevailed 6-5 in PKs, and now they will move on to the next round.

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 7:16 p.m. (PDT) – Day 3 has been rougher on our teams than the first two days, where they won 13 and 15 games respectively, but the two Cal South Girls U14 squads pulled out wins in the last games of the afternoon. Albion SC Central Cal blanked Utah’s L30 FC Shock, 3-0, and Elite Development Academy defeated Cook Inlet SC (AK), 3-2. Cal South ended up with 11 wins, 1 draw, and 11 losses today, and have a three-day total of 39 wins and 7 draws against 22 losses. There are no games tomorrow (Thursday) as it is a day of rest for all teams. A schedule of Friday’s Quarterfinals round will be posted on this story tomorrow once all pairings are finalized.

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 5:07 p.m. (PDT) – 4:00 p.m. (MDT) scores are in, with a draw and two losses for Cal South. GU19 United Premier (OR) edged out Downey FC, 2-1, while BU15 Tuzos Academy (AZ) beat UIFC Laguna FC by the same score. In the Boys U18 bracket, Santa Barbara SC drew 1-1 with Arizona’s Brazas FC.

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 4:41 p.m. (PDT) – A pair of wins in the remaining 2 p.m. (MDT) games, both in the Girls U17 bracket. Cerritos United SC topped Idaho Inferno, 2-1, while Apple Valley Storm shut out Sound FC (WA), 4-0. Five more games to go today…

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 3:51 p.m. (PDT) – Three scores from the 2 p.m. (MDT) games so far… GU13 Westminster Samba (CO) blanked Albion SC Central Cal, 1-0; GU19 Downtown LA SC beat Oregon’s Eastside Thorns, 3-1; and Washington’s Pacific Northwest SC defeated Futbol Legacy Wolves, 4-2 in a Boys U15 match.

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 2:22 p.m. (PDT) – Just one win against a trio of losses in the noontime matches today. In the pair of GU16 games, Alaska Rush defeated NVSC Breakaway, 2-1, and Utah Celtic shut out AC Brea, 4-0. Another shutout was the result in GU18 UCSC Northern Peaks (UT) match over Legends IE, 5-0, but in the Boys U14 game, Anaheim FC topped Cal North’s Ajax United, 1-0. 

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 11:52 a.m. (PDT) – Apple Valley Storm defeated Cook Inlet SC (AK), 3-1 to win the 11:00 a.m. Girls Under 13 match.

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 11:10 a.m. (PDT) – One win and three losses for Cal South in the 10 a.m. (MDT) matches, with the lone victory in the BU16 match, where Oxnard United topped Players SC of Nevada, 3-2. More scores to come throughout the day…

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 8:58 a.m. (PDT) – Scores from the 8:00 a.m. matches: Two BU13 games, with Cal South victorious in both with shutouts; Xplosion SC over Cal North’s Santa Clara Sporting, 2-0, and Boca OC over Real Billings (MT), 4-0. BU17 Pumas USA topped also topped Santa Clara Sporting, 8-1. In the BU14 match, Colorado’s B-Elite won over La Esperanza, 3-1. Four 10:00 a.m. (MDT) matches underway…

UPDATE WED., 6/22/2022 7:40 a.m. (PDT) – There are 23 Cal South games today at the start of Day 3 of bracket play. 8:00 a.m. (MDT) games are already in play. First scores in the next hour or so…

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 6:07 p.m. (PDT) – The last two scores for Tuesday… GU19 Idaho Rush won a 3-0 shutout over Downtown LA SC, and the GU14 Albion SC Central Cal drew 2-2 with Arsenal Colorado Academy. Cal South teams gather 15 wins and 4 draws today against only 4 losses; two more wins than they grabbed on Day 1. A fresh slate of games tomorrow morning for Day 3 of Bracket Play. Check back here for all the scores!

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 4:59 p.m. (PDT) – Two more wins on the day for Cal South teams. GU14 Elite Development Academy beat Washington Rush, 3-2, while BU18 Santa Barbara SC shut out Alaska’s Eclipse SC, 7-0.

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 3:57 p.m. (PDT) – Cal South picked up four more wins, a loss, and a draw in the 2:00 p.m. (MDT) matches. In the pair of Boys U15 games, Futbol Legacy Wolves edged out Nevada’s Downtown Las Vegas, 2-1, while UIFC Laguna FC shut out Santa Cruz City SC of Cal North, 6-0. GU13 Albion SC Central Cal also zeroed out Idaho Rush, 2-0, and GU19 Nevada YS Select FC defeated Downey FC Premier, 7-1. In Girls U17 action, Apple Valley Storm topped New Mexico Rush, 4-1, and Cerritos United drew 1-all with Arizona’s CCV Stars. Four more games left today…

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 2:25 p.m. (PDT) – Scores from noon and 12:30 p.m. (MDT) matches: GU16 AC Brea shut out Las Vegas Diversity FC, 1-0; in the other GU16 match, NVSC Breakaway drew 2-2 with Cal North’s Pajaro Valley YSC. In the GU15 game, Arizona SC topped Apple Valley Storm SC, 2-1; meanwhile, the GU13 Apple Valley team shut out Real Billings FC (MT), 6-0. And BU14 Anaheim FC also blanked their opponent, Downtown Las Vegas SC, 3-0. The 2:00 p.m. match scores will be coming up soon…

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 11:45 a.m. (PDT) – More 10:00 a.m. match scores: BU17 Olympiacos FC Academy topped NW United Black (WA), 4-2. Utah’s Metro Premier shut out Legends IE, 4-0, in the Girls U18 match for the first Cal South loss of the day. Noon (MDT) matches are already well underway…

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 10:57 a.m. (PDT) – Boca OC won the 9:30 a.m. BU14 match against Idaho Rush with a shutout, 3-0. In two 10:00 a.m. scores, GU15 Conejo Valley United also shut out Northwest United (WA), 3-0, while BU16 Oxnard United doubled that goal total against Montana Surf, 6-0. Waiting for two more 10 a.m. scores… 

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 9:21 a.m. (PDT) – 8:00 a.m. (MDT) scores in just now… BU13 Xplosion SC over Anchorage Timbers (AK), 13-0, and BU14 La Esperanza tops Arizona’s Excel Academy, 3-2. BU17  La Esperanza drew 4-4 with Oregon Premier. A 9:30 match and four 10:00 games are in play now…

UPDATE TUE., 6/21/2022 7:15 a.m. (PDT) – Games are just underway on Day 2 of Bracket Play for the Far West Regionals. Cal South has 23 games today, with three matches just started at 8:00 a.m. (MDT). The last match starts at 5:00 p.m this afternoon. Scoring updates throughout the day.

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 6:59 p.m. (PDT) – Cal South gets one more win for the day as GU14 Albion SC Central Cal shuts out FC Missoula (MT), 5-0. Cal South goes a collective 13-7-2 for the first day of Bracket Play to open the tournament. More tomorrow! Go Cal South!

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 5:02 p.m. (PDT) – Five more scores in just now; another two wins but three losses for Cal South. One more GU14 currently in play to close out the day. 

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 3:42 p.m. (PDT) – Two more wins and two more losses in the 2:00 p.m. (MDT) games. There have been some schedule changes throughout the afternoon, and that shuffling has been reflected on the website.

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 1:19 p.m. (PDT) – One more win and one more loss in the noon games today. Cal South has a combined total of 8-2-2 through the first twelve matches of the day, with the 2:00 p.m. (MDT) games just starting.

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 11:55 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South teams picked up another 5 wins against zero losses in the 10 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. matches. Two noon-scheduled matches currently midway through, and then the next round of games doesn’t start until 2 p.m. (MDT).

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 10:09 a.m. (PDT) – Another win and a draw for Cal South in the 9:30 a.m. (MDT) matches.

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 9:39 a.m. (PDT) – Cal South teams went 1-1-1 in their 8:00 a.m. (MDT) matches to kick off the tournament early this morning. Waiting for the conclusion of the two 9:30 a.m. matches currently, while four 10 a.m. matches are also underway.

UPDATE MON., 6/20/2022 7:18 a.m. (PDT) – There are 22 games featuring Cal South teams scheduled today in Day 1 of Bracket Play for the Far West Regionals. The schedule is staggered through the morning and afternoon, with the first games already started in Boise (at 8:00 a.m. MDT), and the final games of the day starting at 5:00 p.m. MDT. Keep watching this page throughout each day for the latest scores and updates.

2022 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships

June 20-26, 2022 | Simplot Sports Complex, Boise, ID
– Cal South Matches Only –
All Times MDT
Finals | Sunday, June 26, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
10:25 AM BU15 United PDX (OR) W 1-4 UIFC Laguna FC (CS)
10:45 AM BU13 Boca OC (CS) W 2-1 Oregon Premier (OR)
Semifinals | Saturday, June 25, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
8:00 AM BU13 Las Vegas Diversity FC (NV) W 0-1 OT Boca OC (CS)
8:00 AM BU14 Westside Timbers (OR) L 4-1 OT La Esperanza (CS)
8:00 AM BU17 Pumas USA (CS) L 0-4 Hawaii Rush (HI)
8:00 AM BU15 UIFC Laguna FC (CS) W 3-0 Futbol Legacy Wolves (CS)
10:15 AM GU14 Atomic FC (NV) L 2-1 Albion SC Central Cal (CS)
10:30 AM GU17 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS) L 0-3 Utah Avalanche (UT)
Quarterfinals | Friday, June 24, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
8:00 AM BU14 Las Vegas Diversity FC (NV) L 2-1 Anaheim FC (CS)
8:00 AM BU14 B-Elite Denver (CO) – 5 PKs W 1-1 6 PKs – La Esperanza (CS)
8:00 AM BU18 Santa Barbara SC (CS) L 2-3 Boise Timbers Elite (ID)
10:00 AM GU14 Albion SC Central Cal (CS) W 2-1 Impact MN (UT)
10:00 AM GU14 La Roca (UT) L 3-1 Elite Dev. Academy (CS)
10:00 AM BU16 Oxnard United SC (CS) L 1-2 3RSC Black (WA)
12:00 PM BU13 Xplosion SC (CS) L 1-3 3RSC Black (WA)
12:00 PM BU13 Boca OC (CS) W 2-1 Santa Clara Sporting (CN)
12:00 PM BU15 La Roca (UT) W 3-4 UIFC Laguna FC (CS)
12:00 PM BU15 Pacific Northwest SC (WA) W 0-3 Futbol Legacy Wolves (CS)
12:00 PM BU17 Westside Timbers (OR) W 1-3 Pumas USA (CS)
2:00 PM GU17 Utah Avalanche (UT) L 2-1 Cerritos United SC (CS)
2:00 PM GU13 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS) L 1-5 USA Premier (UT)
2:00 PM GU13 Las Vegas Surf SC (NV) L 4-1 Albion SC Central Cal (CS)
2:00 PM GU17 EBUSC Bay Oaks (CN) W 0-1 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
Wild Card Playoff – PKs only | Thursday, June 23, 2022
Time Age Group Team 1 Score Team 2
9:00 AM BU14 La Esperanza (CS) W 6-5 PKs United PDX (OR)
Day 3 Bracket Play | Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
8:00 AM BU13 Santa Clara Sporting (CN) W 0-2 Xplosion SC (CS)
8:00 AM BU13 Real Billings FC (MT) W 0-4 Boca OC (CS)
8:00 AM BU17 Santa Clara Sporting (CN) W 1-8 Pumas USA (CS)
8:00 AM BU14 B-Elite Denver (CO) L 3-1 La Esperanza (CS)
10:00 AM GU15 Hawaii Rush (HI) L 5-2 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
10:00 AM BU17 Olympiacos FC (CS) L 1-4 Players SC (NV)
10:00 AM GU15 Utah Surf (UT) L 10-2 Conejo Valley United (CS)
10:00 AM BU16 Oxnard United SC (CS) W 3-2 Players SC (NV)
11:00 AM GU13 Cook Inlet SC (AK) W 1-3 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
12:00 PM GU16 NVSC Breakaway (CS) L 1-2 Alaska Rush (AK)
12:00 PM GU18 UCSC Northern Peaks (UT) L 5-0 Legends IE (CS)
12:00 PM GU16 Utah Celtic FC (UT) L 4-0 AC Brea (CS)
12:30 PM BU14 Anaheim FC (CS) W 1-0 Ajax United (CN)
1:00 PM GU13 Westminster Samba (CO) L 1-0 Albion SC Central Cal (CS)
1:00 PM GU19 Downtown LA SC (CS) W 3-1 Eastside Thorns (OR)
2:00 PM BU15 Futbol Legacy Wolves (CS) L 2-4 Pacific Northwest SC (WA)
2:00 PM GU17 Cerritos United SC (CS) W 2-1 Idaho Inferno SC (ID)
2:00 PM GU17 Sound FC (WA) W 0-4 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
3:00 PM GU19 Downey FC (CS) L 1-2 United Premier (OR)
4:00 PM BU15 Tuzos Academy (AZ) L 2-1 UIFC Laguna FC (CS)
4:00 PM BU18 Brazas FC (AZ) D 1-1 Santa Barbara SC (CS)
5:00 PM GU14 Albion SC Central Cal (CS) W 3-0 L30 FC Shock (UT)
5:00 PM GU14 Elite Dev. Academy (CS) W 3-2 Cook Inlet SC (AK)
Day 2 Bracket Play | Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
8:00 AM BU13 Anchorage YS Timbers (AK) W 0-13 Xplosion SC (CS)
8:00 AM BU17 Oregon Premier FC (OR) D 4-4 Pumas USA (CS)
8:00 AM BU14 Excel Soccer (AZ) W 2-3 La Esperanza (CS)
9:30 AM BU13 Boca OC (CS) W 3-0 Idaho Rush (ID)
10:00 AM GU15 Conejo Valley United (CS) W 3-0 NW United (WA)
10:00 AM BU17 NW United (WA) W 2-4 Olympiacos FC (CS)
10:00 AM GU18 Legends IE (CS) L 0-4 Metro Premier (UT)
10:00 AM BU16 Montana Surf (MT) W 0-6 Oxnard United SC (CS)
12:00 PM GU16 Las Vegas Diversity FC (NV) W 0-1 AC Brea (CS)
12:00 PM GU16 NVSC Breakaway (CS) D 2-2 Pajaro Valley YSC (CN)
12:00 PM GU15 Arizona SC (AZ) L 2-1 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
12:30 PM GU13 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS) W 6-0 Real Billings FC (MT)
12:30 PM BU14 United PDX (WA) W 0-3 Anaheim FC (CS)
2:00 PM BU15 Downtown LVSC (NV) W 1-2 Futbol Legacy Wolves (CS)
2:00 PM BU15 UIFC Laguna FC (CS) W 6-0 Santa Cruz City SC (CN)
2:00 PM GU13 Idaho Rush (ID) W 0-2 Albion SC Central Cal (CS)
2:00 PM GU19 Nevada YS Select FC (NV) L 7-1 Downey FC (CS)
2:00 PM GU17 New Mexico Rush (NM) W 1-4 Apple Valley SC Storm (CS)
2:00 PM GU17 CCV Stars (AZ) D 1-1 Cerritos United SC (CS)
3:30 PM GU14 Washington Rush (WA) W 2-3 Elite Dev. Academy (CS)
4:00 PM BU18 Eclipse SC (AK) W 0-7 Santa Barbara SC (CS)
4:00 PM GU19 Downtown LA SC (CS) L 0-3 Idaho Rush (ID)
5:00 PM GU14 Arsenal Colorado (CO) D 2-2 Albion SC Central Cal (CS)
Day 1 Bracket Play | Monday, June 20, 2022
Time Age Group Home Team Scores Away Team
8:00 AM GU15 Real Colorado Edge (CO) L 4-0 Conejo Valley United (CS)
8:00 AM BU17 Olympiacos FC (CS) W 4-0 Montana Surf (MT)
8:00 AM BU16 Oxnard United SC (CS) D 2-2 New Mexico Rush (NM)
9:30 AM BU13 Xplosion SC (CS) D 3-3 Eugene Timbers FC (OR)
9:30 AM BU14 La Esperanza (CS) W 2-1 FC Salmon Creek (WA)
10:00 AM GU15 Apple Valley SC (CS) W 3-2 United PDX (WA)
10:00 AM GU16 AC Brea (CS) W 3-0 Billings United (MT)
10:00 AM GU16 Eastside Timbers (OR) W 0-1 NVSC Breakaway (CS)
10:00 AM BU17 Pumas USA (CS) W 2-1 Las Vegas SA (NV)
11:00 AM BU13 Boise Timbers Thorns (ID) W 0-3 Boca OC (CS)
12:00 AM BU15 New Mexico Rio Rapids (NM) W 0-2 UIFC Laguna FC (CS)
12:00 AM GU18 Arizona Inferno (AZ) L 3-2 Legends IE (CS)
2:00 PM GU19 Downey FC (CS) L 1-4 CGA Academy SC (ID)
2:00 PM BU14 Anaheim FC (CS) W 2-1 Boise Timbers Thorns (ID)
2:00 PM GU17 Apple Valley SC (CS) L 1-2 Real Colorado Edge (CO)
2:00 PM GU13 Albion SC Central Cal (CS) W 4-0 Utah Avalanche (UT)
3:30 PM GU13 Wasatch SC (UT) L 1-0 Apple Valley SC (CS)
4:00 PM BU15 Boise Timbers Thorns (ID) W 0-3 Futbol Legacy Wolves (CS)
4:00 PM GU19 Downtown LA SC (CS) L 1-4 Excel Soccer Academy (AZ)
4:00 PM BU18 Santa Barbara SC (CS) W 3-0 Helena YSA Arsenal (MT)
4:00 PM GU17 Cerritos United SC (CS) L 0-3 Heat FC (NV)
5:00 PM GU14 Albion SC Central Cal (CS) W 5-0 FC Missoula (MT)

With 23 teams attending the Far West Regionals this year, Cal South covered the $1,600 entry fee for each team to aid their quest to capture a regional championship title and possibly move forward to the national tournament. Thirteen of the 23 teams earned their spots from their success in the 2022 Cal South National Cup, which concluded play last month, while the other ten teams made it to the Far West Regionals based on their outstanding play in the California Regional League.

Three days of bracket play led off this event (Monday through Wednesday), with the quarterfinals on Friday, June 24th, the semifinals on Saturday, June 25th, and the finals round followed on Sunday, June 26th. [Note: There was no quarterfinals round for the Girls U18 age bracket. Semifinals and finals only… their finals round was played on Saturday, June 25th.]

To follow all the action or learn more about the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, visit