Go & Give: Clubs & Codes

Cal South recently partnered with Go & Give, a mobile travel app where you can book hotels and car rentals for your travel. Go & Give has partnered with Priceline, Booking.com, and Agoda to offer the lowest prices on the market when it comes to hotel booking.

But that’s not all, for every booking made through Go & Give, they will donate a portion of their revenues back to your respective clubs, leagues, and state association. Therefore, not only are you getting some of the lowest prices on the market, but your clubs also benefit from your travel!

To learn more about the Go & Give app itself, how it can help your organization, and how to download it, visit https://www.goandgive.com/.

As part of our partnership, Go & Give have generated codes specific to your club or league which you will enter into the app after downloading.  Your club specific code can be found on the searchable chart below…

Albion SC Central CalCSYSA5
Alianza Azteca SCCSYSA6
Anaheim Futbol ClubCSYSA8
Anahuak Youth Sports AssociationCSYSA9
Antelope Valley Futbol ClubCSYSA10
Apple Valley Soccer ClubCSYSA11
Atlante San Diego F.C.CSYSA13
Atletico Southern CaliforniaCSYSA14
Autobahn Soccer ClubCSYSA15
AYSO West TorranceCSYSA306
Bakersfield Blades FCCSYSA17
Bakersfield Freedom Youth SportsCSYSA18
Bakersfield Legacy Soccer ClubCSYSA19
Barcelona CaliforniaCSYSA21
Barcelona Santa PaulaCSYSA22
Barstow Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA23
Bear City UnitedCSYSA25
Bell Gardens Football Club Inc. (DBA Bell Gardens FC)CSYSA26
Big Bear Soccer LeagueCSYSA27
Brazil Stars Soccer ClubCSYSA28
Cal Elite SCCSYSA31
Cal South [California State Soccer Association - South]CSYSA
California Stars Soccer ClubCSYSA35
California State Soccer LeagueCSYSA36
California United Futbol ClubCSYSA37
Canyon Hills Soccer AssociationCSYSA38
CC Dynasty Futbol ClubCSYSA39
Central Coast Condor Soccer ClubCSYSA43
Central Coast UnitedCSYSA45
Cerritos United Soccer ClubCSYSA47
Chivas Soccer AcademyCSYSA319
Chula Vista Futbol ClubCSYSA49
Club Deportivo AlianzaCSYSA54
Club Deportivo CobrasCSYSA55
Club Deportivo La EsperanzaCSYSA56
Club Santos Laguna OxnardCSYSA57
Coachella Valley Soccer LeagueCSYSA58
Coachella Youth Sports Association Soccer LeagueCSYSA59
Coast Soccer LeagueCSYSA60
Coastal Valley Soccer ClubCSYSA61
Colton Youth Soccer OrganizationCSYSA62
Corona Sharks FCCSYSA63
Cosmos FCCSYSA64
Crusaders Futbol ClubCSYSA65
Crusaders Soccer ClubCSYSA66
Cruzeiro SCCSYSA67
CZ Elite SoccerCSYSA68
Desert Communities Soccer ClubCSYSA72
Desert United Soccer ClubCSYSA74
Desert WindsCSYSA75
Diamond Bar Soccer LeagueCSYSA76
DMS 11 AcademyCSYSA77
Downey Futbol ClubCSYSA78
Downtown LA Soccer ClubCSYSA79
Eagles Soccer ClubCSYSA81
Edge Americas Sports, Inc (DBA Juventus Academy Los Angeles)CSYSA83
Elite Soccer LeagueCSYSA85
Empire Soccer ClubCSYSA87
Estero Bay Youth SoccerCSYSA89
Evolution Soccer ClubCSYSA90
Fallbrook Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA91
Farwest United FCCSYSA92
FC EnglandCSYSA95
FC ImpactCSYSA97
FC Juarez AcademyCSYSA98
FC Man UnitedCSYSA99
FC Premier EliteCSYSA100
FC ScorpionsCSYSA101
FC Sol Soccer Club Inc. (DBA Albion SC North)CSYSA102
FC United AcademyCSYSA103
FCW Foundation Inc (DBA FC Warriors)CSYSA104
Fellowship of Christian AthletesCSYSA105
Fontana Futbol ClubCSYSA106
Foothill Storm Soccer ClubCSYSA107
Foothill SuperligaCSYSA108
Fortaleza Futbol Club and AcademyCSYSA109
Freedom Futbol ClubCSYSA111
Futbol Club California VelocityCSYSA113
Futbol Club ValenciaCSYSA114
Futbol Foundation of Santa ClaritaCSYSA115
Futbol Legacy Development ProgramCSYSA116
Glendale FCCSYSA117
Golden Valley Soccer LeagueCSYSA118
Granada United Futbol ClubCSYSA119
Grand Terrace Community Soccer ClubCSYSA70
Guadalajara Valley Futbol ClubCSYSA120
Hemet Juventus Football ClubCSYSA122
HG Eagles Soccer ClubCSYSA124
High Desert Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA125
Inglewood Soccer ClubCSYSA126
Inland Empire Prestige Soccer ClubCSYSA127
Inland United Soccer ClubCSYSA128
Inter-America Soccer LeagueCSYSA129
Invictus Athletic ClubCSYSA131
Jewel City UnitedCSYSA134
Kickers FCCSYSA138
Kickers Soccer ClubCSYSA139
La Academia Soccer ClubCSYSA140
La Jolla Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA142
La Mirada Soccer Association, Inc.CSYSA143
LA Monsters FCCSYSA144
LA Revival FCCSYSA145
La Verne Soccer ClubCSYSA147
Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer AssociationCSYSA149
Legacy United Soccer ClubCSYSA151
Legends Futbol AcademyCSYSA153
Leopardos Soccer LeagueCSYSA154
Lightning SCCSYSA155
Long Beach Youth Soccer OrganizationCSYSA157
Los Angeles Bulls Soccer ClubCSYSA159
Los Angeles Futbol FoundationCSYSA160
Los Angeles Racing Club (DBA LA Racing)CSYSA161
Magnus Football ClubCSYSA165
Man U Soccer Inc.CSYSA166
Maquina FCCSYSA167
Milan S.CCSYSA170
Minor Soccer League of Southern CaliforniaCSYSA171
Missionary Athletes International (DBA Southern California Seahorses)CSYSA172
MK Academy DBA FC KatanaCSYSA173
Moorpark Soccer ClubCSYSA174
Morongo Basin Youth Soccer AssocCSYSA175
Murrieta Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA177
Necaxa USA Futbol ClubCSYSA179
Newbury Park Elite Football ClubCSYSA181
Newbury Park Soccer ClubCSYSA182
Nitemares Soccer Club Inc.CSYSA184
North Hollywood FCCSYSA186
North Valley Soccer LeagueCSYSA187
Olimpico FCCSYSA189
Olimpus Futbol ClubCSYSA190
One Ivy F.C.CSYSA192
Orange County Lobos Futbol Club & Academy (DBA OC Lobos FC)CSYSA193
Orange County United Futbol ClubCSYSA194
Orange Junior Soccer ClubCSYSA195
Orcutt United Soccer LeagueCSYSA196
Oxnard FCCSYSA198
Oxnard PAL Soccer LeagueCSYSA199
Oxnard Real AthleticCSYSA200
Oxnard Soccer LeagueCSYSA202
Oxnard United Soccer ClubCSYSA203
Oxnard Wave Soccer Club, Inc.CSYSA204
Pacific Coast Soccer ClubCSYSA206
Palm Desert Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA208
Palmdale Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA209
Paramount Youth Soccer OrganizationCSYSA210
Platinum Inland EmpireCSYSA212
Pomona City FCCSYSA213
Premier SCCSYSA214
Premier Soccer LeagueCSYSA215
Pride FCCSYSA216
Pro Alliance FCCSYSA217
Project 2000 Soccer LeagueCSYSA218
Pumas La Habra Soccer ClubCSYSA219
Pumas LA Soccer AcademyCSYSA220
Ramona Soccer LeagueCSYSA71
Rancho Challenge FCCSYSA222
Rangers F.C.CSYSA223
Real La Habra FCCSYSA224
Rebels Soccer LeagueCSYSA226
Red Lions FCCSYSA227
Rialto Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA229
Riverside Futbol ClubCSYSA232
Riverside MGFM Soccer OrganizationCSYSA233
Roadrunner United FCCSYSA234
Royals Riverside FCCSYSA235
San Diego ELI7E FCCSYSA237
San Diego Real Madrid EliteCSYSA238
San Pedro FCCSYSA241
Santa Ana FC CorpCSYSA243
Santa Ana UnitedCSYSA245
Santa Anita Soccer ClubCSYSA246
Santa Barbara Revolution AcademyCSYSA247
Santa Barbara Soccer ClubCSYSA248
Santa Maria Valley Youth Soccer AssociationCSYSA249
Santa Paula Futbol Club AcademyCSYSA251
Santa Ynez FCCSYSA252
Sherman Oaks Extreme Soccer ClubCSYSA254
Simi Valley Soccer Club - EclipseCSYSA255
Simi Valley Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA256
SoCal Elite Soccer ClubCSYSA258
SoCal Futbol CircuitCSYSA259
SoCal Pride FCCSYSA260
Soccer Club AntelopeCSYSA261
Soccer Club of OceansideCSYSA262
South Bay Falcons FCCSYSA263
South Bay Soccer AssociationCSYSA264
South California Soccer LeagueCSYSA267
South Valley Soccer ClubCSYSA268
Southern California Developmental Soccer LeagueCSYSA270
Spartan Wolves FCCSYSA272
Spartans FCCSYSA273
Sporting California USACSYSA274
Sporting F.C. Inc.CSYSA275
Sporting Revolution FCCSYSA276
Sporting So-Cal SCCSYSA277
Steel UnitedCSYSA278
TAG FC, Inc. (DBA Tigers Athletic Group FC)CSYSA280
Temecula Valley Soccer AssociationCSYSA283
Templeton Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA284
Titans Football ClubCSYSA285
Torino FCCSYSA286
Total Futbol AcademyCSYSA287
TUSA Soccer ClubCSYSA288
Unico FCCSYSA289
Universal Soccer LeagueCSYSA291
Valley Futbol ClubCSYSA293
VC GalaxyCSYSA295
Ventura County Fusion Youth Soccer AcademyCSYSA296
Ventura County UnitedCSYSA297
Ventura Surf Soccer ClubCSYSA298
Victorville Youth Soccer LeagueCSYSA299
Views Football Club (DBA VIEWS F.C.)CSYSA300
Vista Soccer ClubCSYSA301
West Covina Youth Soccer Corp.CSYSA305
West Valley SoccerCSYSA307
Whittier Area Youth SoccerCSYSA309
WSC Foundation Inc. (DBA PSG Academy LA)CSYSA310
Xolos Academy FCCSYSA311
Xplosion Soccer ClubCSYSA312
Yucaipa Valley Youth SoccerCSYSA313
ZeroGravity AcademyCSYSA314
Zeta AcademyCSYSA315