Episode 14: “The Art of Scoring Goals” with Eric Wynalda

The latest episode of Cal South’s soccer podcast, “The Bear and the Ball,” is available to stream or download for your listening pleasure today!

Scoring goals seems like it should be the easiest task in soccer, but it really isn’t. The highest-paid players in the world are the men and women who can put the ball in the back of the net with regularity. Former USMNT great, National Soccer Hall of Famer, and Cal South alumnus, Eric Wynalda was such a player and in this week’s “The Bear and the Ball,” he gives his insight into what makes a great goal scorer. For attackers, defenders and goalkeepers, this is the episode that could potentially change your soccer career from merely okay to world-class!

Please join Eric and host Nick Webster for an in-depth and fascinating episode!


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