Eight Cal South teams are returning to Southern California as the top teams in US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup that took place last weekend in Salt Lake City. All eight teams are now qualified to the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup tournament that will take place July 12-16 in Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale, Fla.

The Region IV Presidents Cup kicked off last Tuesday as 15 Cal South teams fought to become the top team in their category. The fight was tough, but in the end, 13 teams advanced to the Quarterfinals, facing even tougher competition on their journey to the top spot in the tournament.

It wouldn’t be until the Semifinals on Saturday that spectators would see two Cal South teams matching up against each other, FC Deportivo UdeG and InterAmerica Halcones. The match was hard-fought from both games, but it was the latter team that came up on top 2-1. The Maywood based team would become eventual champions on Sunday morning after a 1-0 win over TFA Barcelona AZ.

Come Sunday, the anxiety levels were high as a ticket to National Presidents Cup was on the line for the nine teams that made it to the Finals. With the best opponents in front of them, all Cal South teams put their best foot forward, including Girls Under 15 Barca Cantera, who demonstrated top soccer throughout the tournament, but fell short in the final 2-1 to a strong Colorado Storm.

In the Girls Under 17/18, IE Surf Kooiman had shown to be one of the toughest teams in its category, but matching up against Cook Inlet SC from Alaska was one of their toughest competitors in the tournament. IE Surf went up early in the match, but Cook Inlet equalized and even put Surf on its toes in the attack. As the match went to extra time, IE Surf coach Cle Kooiman and his girls brought out the best of the best to come out on top 5-3.

All teams are now returning to SoCal to begin preparations for the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup where they will face stronger competition from around the country. Cal South will be on site to provide all the latest information and scores from Florida. For more news on this tournament, and other tournaments, make sure to follow Cal South on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out a photos from the tournament (slideshow):
2017 US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup