US Soccer National D License

Course Information

The US Soccer “D” License is strongly recommended for all competitive coaches of players 14 years old and up. The license will be MANDATORY for all coaches whose teams enter the Cal South National Cup and The California Regional League in the 2022-2023 season. This license is required before attending a US Soccer National C license. All US Soccer courses will combine online, field and classroom instruction in a holistically coaching and teaching methodology. We are going to engage you and make it meaningful according to your needs, all within a candidate-centered learning environment.  Built around US Soccer Coaching Education Philosophy: Experiential learning, Reality based, Holistic.

  • This 45-hour course is the most comprehensive course offered and is preparatory License for the US Soccer National “C” license and coaching education Pathway. This course will be based on all four game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) and Play-Practice-Play
  • Purpose is to facilitate the improvement of the GR coach in all 6 Tasks of a Coach – Coaching Games, Coaching Training Sessions, Managing the Performance Environment, Leading the Team, Leading the Player, Leadership
  • Key focus on learning how to design, execute, and reflect on a P-P-P training session
  • Candidates will now have to coach at least one on-field training session with youth demo players during the course
  • The Course includes each candidate receiving an opportunity to get on-field practical experience during both weekends

Six Tasks of a US Soccer Coach are:

  • Leadership: developing and implementing leadership characteristics in all aspects of coaching and personal development in order to develop the team and the player
  • Coaching Games: Coaching the team during soccer games focused on achieving a predefined objective
  • Coaching Training Sessions: Preparing the team systematically during training
  • Leading the Team: Leading a team of players in order to drive and improve team development
  • Managing the Performance Environment: creating and developing a performance environment
  • Leading the Player: Leading and guiding individual players


For Current National E holders: Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module

For All other Candidates:

  • Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module
  • 2 in-person courses (one of which must be 11v11)
  • 1 online course (Grassroots 4v4,7v7,9v9,11v11 or F License)

Candidates that meet C or B course waiver requirements – No longer recognizing foreign grassroots licensing

Course Length: 45 hours

Cost: $550

“D” License courses will be scheduled over a Minimum of 4 weeks and a Maximum of  8 weeks.

  • The “D” License will include all four game models: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 (focus will be placed on one model each day)
  • Age appropriate youth players in the proper game format will be used for that day’s field portion of the License.

Friday 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Candidates meet face-to-face with instructors at a course

  • The training methodology is Play-Practice-Play
  • E.g. 4v4 players on 1st Weekend Saturday
  • The training methodology is Play-Practice-Play

At least FOUR weeks between the two weekends.
Saturday 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

  1. Candidates will do the following in the LC, create a two-week plan based on the training session and game schedule (aligns with Coaching Games). This plan will be based on the developmental stage/objectives of your team
  2. Within this two-week plan, design one age appropriate Play-Practice-Play training    session plan in the LC based on the developmental stage/objectives of the players.
  3. Execute training session in candidate’s own environment (optional to upload a 10-minute video clip of the Practice portion for feedback.
  4. Development Period – by oneself design a 2nd Play-Practice-Play training session
  5. In the LC, create an age appropriate Play-Practice-Play training session based on the 
developmental stage/objectives of the players to be used in the 2nd Weekend.
  6. Design a training session (each candidate will be assigned either 7v7 or 11v11) to execute during Meeting 2

How will it be assessed? Instructor will use guided questions to help the candidate during development period via the LC using “revision requested” for both training sessions

How will it be assessed? Instructor will assess candidates during the on-field experience during Course Meeting #2, taking into account the performance from Course Meeting #1 as well as the Development Period training session plan and reflections.

  • Each candidate will conduct a 15-minute Core Activity based on their 7v7 or 11v11 Play-Practice- Play training session that was designed during the Developmental Period.
  • 6 Candidates per day participate in on-field assessment with age-appropriate youth players
  • In the LC, reflect and identify areas of strength and growth. Determine-What will be your actions to grow?

To be posted on the US Soccer’s Learning Center

  • Candidates Receiving Green Light (Pass)
  • Candidates Receiving Yellow Light (Must attend a D License Performance Center)
  • These candidates who receive Yellow Light are required to wait 90 days before applying to attend the D License Performance Center. Registration to that center will cost $150.
  • Candidates Receiving Red Light (Failing Grade)
  • All testing results will be entered into the US Soccer’s Learning Center.

How to Register

  • Step 1: Register to take the 11v11 License within the Cal South system by clicking here

  • Step 2: Make sure you have created your LC account and have taken the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module

  • Step 3: Register within the LC to take the online 11v11 license.

Additional Cal South Requirements:

  • Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training through the LC:

  • KIDSAFE Risk Management Program (For Legal Adults Only)

    If you are 18 years old or older you will need to adhere to our KIDSAFE Risk Management Program. All legal adults must have their fingerprints cleared by the Department of Justice before they are allowed on the field with our youth. To complete this, you will need to download our live scan form which can be taken to any servicer. You can do a quick google search for “local live scan locations” and take your form to them. The cost will range anywhere from $15-$30. Keep your copy of the live scan form after the service is done until you have received an email confirmation that we have received your results. On average it takes from 1-14 days to receive results back from the Department of Justice. We will update your Cal South profile as soon as that clearance comes in.

    Click here for our live scan form.

    To learn more about our Risk Management program, click here.

For US Soccer assistance, call (313)808-1300 or email

For assistance registering with Cal South, email