Listen to Episode 24: “Concussions – Don’t Treat Them Lightly”
Guests: Joe Flanagan, Kevin Smith & Guido Sendowsky

Soccer is a physical sport and injuries are part and parcel of the game. A sprained ankle, a jarred knee, an abrasion –– all are injuries which are easy to diagnose. Concussions, on the other hand, are much trickier.

Who knows what’s happening to our brains when we get our “bell rung?” Joe Flanagan, NCAA champion with CSUDH, joins Orange Coast College head coach Kevin Smith and certified athletic trainer Guido Sendowsky to explain the mysteries behind concussions in soccer. They’ve developed a platform that can give parents and coaches an inexpensive app that can possibly save lives and keep our athletes out of harm’s way.

Join host Nick Webster and his guests in this very informative and enlightening episode!


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