For 47 years, the Coast Soccer League has consistently provided an incredible outlet for players who want to take their skills to the next level, and for elite teams that want to play in the most exciting and competitive gaming circuit in Southern California.

With over 180 clubs and 2000 teams participating – including many new clubs for the 2021-2022 season – Coast Soccer League is as strong as ever and continues to help its elite clubs and teams grow and succeed.

Coast is a league for all levels of play and has a long tradition as a leader in youth soccer. The reason CSL is one of the most competitive youth leagues in the country is because of the strong support of the clubs participating in the league, and the highly skilled players the clubs and their coaches develop.

Teams that play in the Coast Soccer League continue to compete at the highest levels and succeed. Coast’s clubs develop highly skilled and talented players who go on to play for their high school and college teams. Many of those players often move forward to eventually play for MLS, NWSL, and National teams.

Coast Soccer League has long had a reputation for helping to promote its clubs and players. From their robust but easy-to-use cellphone app for parents and coaches to receive current updates and information, to their proactive member response system via website, email and app, Coast remains at the forefront of adapting use of modern technology to the sport of soccer.

In addition to opening up play in the San Diego area this year, the league has also rolled out for 2021 their new Coast Soccer Juniors Program, which serves as an introductory soccer league for youth and families designed to promote good sportsmanship, fair play and a safe environment. Built for teams in the 2014-2010 age groups, Juniors provides an alternative to the Bronze level of play that better prepares players, parents, coaches and officials for full competitive soccer and yet requires less commitment in both time and money, along with limited travel.

Coast Soccer League continues to provide everything they can to grow the game for players at all levels by providing a great gaming circuit that helps its clubs achieve their dreams by working in partnership with them.

To learn more or to sign up today, visit their website at