In conjunction with the ease of customer service as part of the “New Cal South,” we are very pleased to announce that those wishing to coach soccer at the competitive level now need only hold EITHER a 9v9 In Person License OR an 11v11 In Person License.

Previously, the requirement to coach a competitive team was for a member to obtain both licenses. To help our admins more easily go through the license process and get on the fields quicker, the new minimum license requirement is just to hold one of the two licenses.

Therefore, a coach having just the 9v9 In Person License or having just the 11v11 In Person License will be able to coach a competitive team of any age for Cal South.

  • Note #1: Those seeking to be an assistant coach will also need EITHER of the two licenses.
  • Note #2: New coaches seeking a National D License will still need to hold three licenses: 1) any online license; 2) 11v11 In Person License, and 3) any other In Person License.

U.S. Soccer uses a Coaching License Pathway that easily shows the progression of license levels through the coaching ranks.

“Grassroots” is the term U.S. Soccer uses for the level where one enters their coaching pathway. There are three license types that are all considered “Grassroots” licenses.

  • Online or In Person Licenses (for 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 play)
  • National D License
  • National C License

The name of the these types of licenses should not be confused with the format in which they are delivered. Aside from the Online Licenses – which are all strictly held online – there are a few formats for running license courses.

The In Person Licenses and National D and C courses can be done in the following formats to offer greater flexibility to our members:

  • In Person Format: Lecture and field training is done in person at a location.
  • Blended Format: Lecture is done virtually through Zoom and field training is completed in person at a location
  • Virtual Format: Both lecture and field portion are done virtually through live Zoom sessions.