To get one San Diego Soccer Club to the 2017 Cal South State Cup Mayors Girls 2007 Division Championship final is an accomplishment for the coach and its players. To have two San Diego Soccer Club teams face each other in the final speaks highly of the club as a whole.

That was exactly what happened when San Diego Soccer Club Orange and San Diego Soccer Club White Elite faced each other on Sunday afternoon at Temecula’s Galway Downs. Both teams had faced each other before, but this time it would be for a trophy.

It wasn’t an easy task, however, it would be coach Warren Schwitkis’ San Diego SC Orange team that would come up on top, defeating their fellow San Diego SC team 1-0.

“We’ve played them more than a few times and they’ve always been a tough team,” Schwitkis said after the game. “We knew it was going to come down to one or two mistakes and that’s what it came down to, one or two mistakes.

“It’s also hard to beat the team over again. We’ve played them a couple of times and it’s always tough; first time, second time to play. The second time is always tough, the third time is even tougher to beat the team,” he added.

The San Diego SC Orange Team knew what it was like to take a loss in State Cup. Just last year, the Under-10 girls were close to getting to the same State Cup championship match. However, they were knocked out in the semifinals to the eventual champion, Strikers OC, finishing the tournament among the top four teams.

This year, however, the girls were determined to finish on top, but Coach Schwitkis kept things grounded, leading the girls step-by-step.

“We had talked about going all the way this year, that came up. But we kept it grounded, using the old coaching philosophy, ‘one game at a time, one half at a time.’ Twenty-five minutes of hard play first half, and then at halftime, another 25 minutes of hard play, that’s all you need,” he finalized.

Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 26