If there’s one word Legends FC South Coach Jennifer Lawlor can use to describe her team, it would be “resilient.”

On Saturday afternoon as the Girls 2008 team was battling it out with Beach FC for a ticket to the Cal South Governors Girls 2008 Division Championship match, Coach Lawlor was anxious for her girls to put their style of play into action and earn their place in the final. After two overtimes and penalty kicks, the girls got the job done.

Come Sunday, the girls would do it again, this time defeating their Empire SC counterparts 2-1 in regulation time.

“In our Semifinal, I don’t know if the girls were nervous but we definitely got thrown off our style of play; we like to keep the ball on the ground and the ball was everywhere,” Coach Lawlor said after the championship match. “I was a little bit worried about how they were going to come out but my team is so resilient that they are so determined and so competitive-minded at such a young age that they settled to play our style of soccer and they did well.”

Through a long tournament came long training sessions. Every time the girls would step onto the field, Coach Lawlor would not be disappointed. The girls would show their competitive spirit all throughout practice, giving their all so they can conquer State Cup. Now, Legends FC South can look back and see how their hard work paid off.

“It means a lot to them, I know that,” the Legends FC South coach said. “We’ve been talking about [State Cup] all season long, through heartbreaking losses. They’re so insightful to tap into that kind of experience that I knew there was something bigger for them because they work hard in every single training session, they make corrections, they adapt to the game. Like I’ve said before, they’re so resilient, I’m so proud of them. They got the reward for all their hard work.”

Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 26