Among 131 teams competing for the Cal South State Cup Governors Boys 2007 Division Championship, Olé Soccer Club/Juggle the World was just another club in the running, a small, young club from the East Valley trying to expose its players to the best soccer in Southern California.

Little did coach Walter Merino know that everything his team would be building up on would bring the best soccer that would win them the 2017 Cal South State Cup Governors Boys 2007 Division title through a 3-0 win over a known club like Beach FC.

“It is almost a dream, really, a vision we had. My brother Mario and myself, when we started Olé Soccer, we started off as camps, gradually moved to teams and from teams we said, ‘let’s just build a club,’” coach Merino said. “It’s been a long journey coming and this is really for our entire community, this is for where we are specifically in the San Fernando Valley and for soccer in general. It’s an amazing feeling.”

This young club has reached big strides in its short history. Due to weather constraints, the Cal South State Cup was rescheduled the week of Semifinals and Finals, but Olé Soccer Club didn’t see that as a time to rest. Instead, the club found the So Cal Association Futsal Tournament, gave their best and came out champions. It was the experience from that tournament that the Olé Soccer Club used to continue fighting for the Cal South State Cup.

“We took the approach of one final at a time,” coach Merino said. “Each game is a final. Wherever we play, it doesn’t matter, we have to approach it as a final. We gotta sellout, we gotta make sure we go and play as hard as possible in each game, we don’t take anybody lightly.

“Everything counts in investing in the next generation of soccer stars locally in Southern California. Everyone knows where the talent is – Southern California. We’re doing something great with Cal South and we’re really excited for what’s to come,” he finalized.

Cal South State Cup Finals - Feb. 26