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FULLERTON, Calif. (January 4, 2022) – Cal South Pro+ ODP will send ten teams of promising and talented players to Arizona this weekend, January 7-10, for the 2022 US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) West Region Championships. The event will take place at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, AZ.

The event will spotlight ten age groups – split between boys and girls teams – from thirteen of US Youth Soccer’s western region states, all challenging each other for a championship title. For the past month, Cal South Pro+ ODP has been holding Winter Pool training sessions featuring a total of over 500 players, who have all worked hard in order to be selected as one of the final 18 players chosen in each gender’s age group to represent Cal South at the West Region Championships.

“It is fantastic to be back being able to compete in Arizona after the year or so we have been off,” said Cal South Technical Director, Steve Hoffman. “These kids have put in so much effort to make it to this point, and we are eagerly looking forward to building on Cal South’s great legacy of success at the regionals. And following that, taking that success even further towards the National Championships.”

Throughout the history of US Youth Soccer’s Olympic Development Program, Cal South Pro+ ODP has won a record 98 ODP West Region titles, and another record 38 ODP National titles. 

Cal South has selected the following boys and girls to represent it at the ODP West Region Championships in the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 age groups:

2005 Boys
Goalkeepers: Carson Gyll (South Valley Surf), Artun Vance (BF310 SC)
Defenders: Geovanni Antuna (Steel United), Carlos Carrillo (Downtown SC), Alexander Franco (Oxnard United), Jose Hernandez (Oxnard United), Ivan Orozco (Steel United)
Midfielders: Miguel Cabrera (Oxnard United), Chris Gandara (South Valley Surf), Bryden Joanis (OC Surf), Gerardo Aguilar (Oxnard United) Christopher Del Angel (Fontana SC), Pedro Perez Lopez (BF310 SC), Briones Silas, Juan Lopez (Oxnard United)
Forwards: Alan Morales (Downtown SC), Daniel Lascano (BF310 SC), Rafael Gonzalez (Downtown SC), Damian Espinoza (AVSC Storm), Kevin Bravo (BF310 SC)

2006 Boys
Goalkeepers: Abraham Perez (TFA), Salvador Tojil Celtic SC)
Defenders: Marco Diaz (Laguna United), Jesus Soto (Santo Laguna), Edison Salada (TFA), Marcus Lightbourne (Oceanside Breakers), Christian Downtown (Liverpool SC), Gavin Facer (San Diego Surf)
Midfielders: Christian Carbajal (Santos Laguna), David Renteria (AVSC Storm), Steven Sorto (OC United), Ralph Torres (Liverpool SC), Nathan Rouston (San Diego Surf), Christopher Montiel (Arsenal SC)
Forwards: Mario Vaga (Pateadores), Ethan Solano (Pateadores), Freddie Lobato (Oxnard United), Manual Lopez (LA Surf)

2007 Boys
Goalkeepers Ethen Johnson (Eagles SC), Zaine Rocca (AVSC)
Defenders: Owen Berry (Eagles SC), Erick Diaz (So Cal Elite), Christopher Garcia (Magnum SC), Nathan Han (Steel United), Malachi Prince (Storm SC)
Midfielders: Michael Angel (Storm SC), Isaac Berini (Eagles SC), Justice Granados (Coachella FC), Brandon Laytin (Liverpool SC), Anthony Lopez Rodriguez (LA Surf), Lucas Miller (Valencia SC), Christian Sotomayer (TFA), Imani Watkins (Valencia SC)
Forwards: Abraham Garcia (Magnum SC), Nathan Lopez (TFA), David Pizarro Mendoza (TFA), Adrian Villafranco (Albion SC)

2008 Boys
Goalkeepers Joshua Navarro (Xplosion SC)
Defenders: Cairo Brown (East County Surf), Taell Lozano (So Cal Elite), Joaquin Martinez (Legends FC), Melvin SantaCruz (So Cal Elite), Greco Ordonez (Legends FC)
Midfielders: Eli Sagal (Del Mar), Rendon Thomas (Eagles SC), Daniel Meza (So Cal Elite), Aidan Colman (Pateadores), Abdul Cheka JR (LA Surf), Edwin Cabajal (AC Brea), Wilmer Martinez (Xplosion SC)
Forwards: Tyler Mah (Eagles SC), Christian Garcia (Legends FC), Eden Craig (LA Breakers), Jerome Carter (So Cal Elite)

2009 Boys
Goalkeepers; Maxton Nelson (Boca SC), Maverick Deutsch (Santa Monica Surf)
Defenders: Joaquin Chavez (Boca SC), Shane Gentile, Samuel Navarro (Coachella SC), Colin Michalski (West Coast FC)
Midfielders: Alexander Bautista (Oxnard Real), Brenden Baus (Coachella SC), Hudson Garner (West Coast FC), Joval Kent (Xplosion SC), Emmanuel Krisorian (West Coast FC), Gabriel Sanchez (Arsenal SC)
Forwards: Christopher Huizar (Sporting CA), Jaden Hamilton (Arsenal FC), Ryan Kind (Eagles SC), Chikara Konno (West Coast FC), Cruz Acosta (Arsenal FC), Kobe Bouie (AVSC Storm)

2005 Girls
Goalkeepers: Mia Linville (Laguna United FC), Alexandra Grashoff (MIlan FC)
Defenders: Leyvi Andrade (Real So Cal), Isabella Hernandez (Rebels SC), Sadie Stein (Tudela FC), Siena Urzua (Eagles SC), Jasmine Delgado (Rebels SC), Analise Odenthal (So Cal Blues)
Midfielders: Kristine Ramirez (Slammers FC), Presley Nevadomsky (LASC), Aaliyah Montano (Rebels SC), Lenea Guerrero (LASC), Marli Galdanez (Tudela FC), Savannah Estrada (Arsenal FC)
Forwards: Abigail Cook (Arsenal FC), Kate Dalton, Samantha Sanchez (Arsenal FC), Lavinia Vaipulu (Legends FC)

2006 Girls
Goalkeepers: Chloe Walls (Slammers), Janessa Gonzalez (Eagles SC)
Defenders: Michelle Monroy (Eagles SC), Leilani Ngo Harris (Slammers), Ashley Vernon (AVSC Storm), America Torres (Empire SC), Madison Sorates (Sporting CA)
Midfielders: Brianna Chang (Surf), Emma Corley (So Cal Blues), Victoria Jones (Rebels SC), Klarissa Melgoza (Eagles SC), Natalia Oca (Slammers FC), Leslie Torres (Eagles SC), Avery Hanhauser (So Cal Blues), Morgan Bellamy (Empire SC)
Forwards: Haley Gordon (Slammers), Mika Kodama (NV Breakers), Rylie Whittaker (So Cal Blues)

2007 Girls
Goalkeepers: Kailey Carlen (Albion SC), Daphne Nakfoor (Slammers)
Defenders: Daya King (Legends FC), Ariana Markey (Slammers FC), Siena Meyer (LAFC), Leena Powell (Tudela FC), Ashle Reese (Tudela FC), Maile Ordonez (Beach FC)
Midfielders: Scottlyn Antonucci (Legends FC), Isabella Calderon (Albion SC), Aundrea Molina (Legends FC), Tessa Neal (Tudela FC), Sienna Pimentel (Eagles SC), Kaylie Secoda (Slammers)
Forwards: Isabella Nerseyan (LAFC), Kayalily Penn (Eagles SC), Allison Ruiz (Arsenal SC), Kaylie Secoda, Fiona Shim (Beach FC), Mya Woolforde (Slammers)

2008 Girls
Goalkeepers Cierra Spencer (Eagles SC), Genevieve Dauphin (Slammers FC)
Defenders: Natahlie Baca (SO Cal Blues), Mirabella Bickhan (Eagles SC), Rebecca Hernandez (Eagles SC), Jaelynn Hillenbrand (Legends FC)
Midfielders: Cayden Chowana-Bandhu (Eagles SC), Lauren Gatien (Eagles SC), Dahmi Lee (So Cal Blues), Maya Omisore (SD Force), Addison Castenada (Slammers FC)
Forwards: Haley Dean (Legends FC), Armida Frankini (Legends FC), Sasha Mariani (South Valley Surf), Peyton Marinos (So Cal Blues), Samantha Mathis (Eagles SC), Grace Werzel (Eagles SC), Kaitlyn White (Eagles SC)

2009 Girls
Goalkeepers: Kaylin Huete-Ramirez (Legends IE), Addison Rudel (So Cal Blues)
Defenders: Riley Biddle (San Diego Surf), Kinsey Bremer (So Cal Blues), Ailany Cortez-Blanco (Eagles SC), Leana Lucas (Eagles SC), Vanessa Paredes (Newport Slammers)
Midfielders: Evangeline Barrera (Slammers), Karis Buechler (So Cal Blues), Caroline Eves (Sharks), Makeli Leonard (LAFC SCV), Adryana Molina (Legends FC), Kenzie Secoda (Slammers)
Forwards: Denise Cervantes (Beach FC), Allie Chang (Beach FC), Adalyne Garcia (Arsenal FC), Falocity Nguyen (So Cal Blues), Nico Shin (Beach FC)

2022 Cal South Pro+ ODP State Teams

Images of the Cal South Pro+ ODP State Teams attending the 2022 USYS ODP West Region Championships can be enjoyed by viewing the slider below. Click on each image to enlarge.