FULLERTON, Calif. (December 16, 2021) – As a sign of respect for its membership, and in recognition of our shared, difficult environment surrounding the lingering Covid pandemic, Cal South (California State Soccer Association – South) officially announced today that player registration fees will remain unchanged from their current levels for the upcoming 2022-2023 playing season.

Despite operational costs continuing to rise, Cal South will maintain the player registration fees that it installed prior to the most recent season (Fall 2021-22), which were already greatly lower rates than in recent years.

Registration for a recreational player will remain at $12.00 for the Fall 2022-23 season, and $10.00 each for Spring and Summer play. Competitive soccer registration in the Fall and Spring seasons remains at $18.00 each for players U11 and under, and $24.00 for players U12 to U19, while competitive Summer season players are only charged $10.00 each. (As always, Spring and Summer fees only apply to new players as Affiliate Member Clubs and Leagues are not charged for Fall players registered in the Spring or Summer seasons.)

“Cal South is undergoing substantive changes right now but one thing that remains consistent is our commitment to providing a quality soccer environment and opportunities for our players and their families,” said Cal South CEO Terry Fisher. “We are now deeply engaged in rebuilding and rebranding our 47-year-old soccer organization while continuing to help our membership stabilize and grow. We realize that our members are, as we are too, living through stressful and unprecedented times, and one positive element we can provide immediately is to maintain the same low registration rates we offered in the previous season.”

Established in 1974, Cal South has continually sought to establish soccer as the most vital and popular sport across Southern California while creating a safe and affordable community soccer system centered around fun, fitness, and family. Through the course of the 47 years since it began, Cal South has…

  • Enriched the lives of 6.5 million players;
  • Educated 575,000 coaches, 125,000 referees, and 9,000,000 volunteers;
  • Provided over $10 million in sponsorship grants to support players in underserved communities;
  • Established the Greater Los Angeles Metroplex – Cal South’s territory – as the premier soccer market in the United States;
  • and implemented RESPECT, DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and INCLUSION as CORE VALUES throughout all Cal South’s programs.

Cal South’s member benefits are built around the opportunities and overall experience provided to our players throughout Southern California. As part of this, Cal South remains at the forefront of providing progressive soccer programs to all ages and skill levels, whether recreational or competitive, youth or adult. These also include the most robust coaching and referee education programs in the country, its legendarily successful Olympic Development Program (Pro+ ODP), and TOPSoccer programs to help to help athletes with physical and mental disabilities participate in soccer.

To learn more about Cal South and the programs and benefits it provides to its members, please visit https://calsouth.com/.