In the beginning of the 2017-2018 season, coach Carlos Godinez took charge of the CDA Slammers FC 2005 Boys team in an effort to save the age group. The team was formed with various players coming from different chapters of the CDA Slammers FC family. There were no expectations for the team.

But then the unexpected happened.

“Things just started getting better and better, winning one, two, three [games] and all of a sudden, we’re in Frisco again and the lovely heat,” said coach Godinez. “It’s amazing what happened.”

Amazing and unexpected. After clinching the Cal South National Cup, surprising many at US Youth Soccer’s Far West Regionals, the only thing left were the National Championships, and they did not disappoint after topping Kansas’ Soccer Nation Academy 2-1 in the final, adding the first star to the CDA Slammers FC name.

“The National Championship proves to me that all the blood, sweat and tears that you put into the game, all the hard work, all the dedication, it all pays off in the end, one way or another,” said CDA Slammers FC striker and Golden Boot recipient Devin Laclair. “The National Championship just means everything; everything that I’ve put into the sport, into the game, it all paid off.”

Their championship was unexpected, and what’s to come in the upcoming season is too. Moving onto the new year, coach Godinez and his boys will be looking to continue surprising many on the field, while continuing to grow off the field.

“I feel that what’s expected of them is, just because we’re realists; we know that we had a good run. It was an unreal run, we don’t even believe it yet,” coach Godinez said. “It was more of hard work and that’s what’s expected of them: hard work, be that team that is not the best, but is the hardest working team out there.

“I feel that this year it’s not about championships, it’s about them becoming better players and if we’re able to do that, championships are going to come,” he finalized.

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