October 22, 2021 (Fullerton, CA) – Cal South’s Respect Campaign is an initiative to improve the overall soccer environment for all its members – players, coaches, parents, referees, administrators, staffers – by emphasizing an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance amongst all.

The Respect Campaign initiative aligns directly with the goals of Cal South’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council, previously announced in July 2021.

Goals of the Cal South Respect Campaign include:

  • Implementing programs and practices that improve the environment of the game-on the field and sidelines.
  • Infusing our culture so that everyone—players, parents, coaches, directors, staff— treats each other with respect.
  • Improving the playing environment to enhance character and personal development in youth players.
  • Embracing diversity by striving to understand others’ perspectives, even those most different from your own.

Cal South is committed to working with the members of its Affiliate Member Leagues and Clubs to increase acceptance and understanding of others throughout the organization. Codes of conduct will be improved and developed that will set the highest standards for respect and inclusion in both youth and adult soccer.

The goal is to make families playing under the Cal South umbrella to feel comfortable and proud to be a part of the organization, and that we all act respectful and understanding of one another.

Cal South Respect Campaign Tenets:

  • Our program will serve all players, families, coaches, administrators, and referees that take part in soccer within Cal South.
  • The program will strive for an environment of mutual respect across all soccer communities, within our leagues and clubs, between opponents, and with other organizations who take part in Cal South events and activities.
  • The program will emphasize respect for all and will not benefit one group at the expense of another.
  • We will seek to instill the understanding of opinions and actions of others to foster mutual respect.
  • We will continuously strive for growth and personal development in our soccer community.
  • We will strive for cultural understanding and inclusivity.
  • We will continually improve avenues to address unacceptable behavior.
  • We will seek to create positive cultures within all the organizations included in Cal South.
  • Work together to maintain an environment conducive for respect.
  • We will educate our membership on how to address injustice within the soccer environment.
  • We will implement a restorative justice process that emphasizes understanding first and creates mutually acceptable actions to promote lasting change.

More details of the Respect Campaign initiative will be announced in the near future as they develop. If you have questions regarding the Respect Campaign, please email info@calsouth.com.

To read more about the Cal South Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council, visit: https://calsouth.com/cal-south-soccer-announces-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-dei-council-initiative/.