The following is Part 2 of continuing announcements from the Cal South Board of Directors addressing our Return to Play Plan and introduces comprehensive actions that are being taken to assist our members to return to playing the game at all levels and make our programs more accessible and more affordable for all.

March 10, Fullerton CA., the following announcement addresses the Competitive programs for the 2021/2022 season.

Cal South has served and supported all levels of competitive youth soccer since 1974, hosting the highest-level competitive events and providing millions in Travel subsidies and resources to competitive teams. Teams playing in the Cal South family have won record numbers of National Championships on a regular basis through the years.

To assist our youth competitive league affiliate members in returning to play after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down soccer, Cal South is:

  1. Reducing the competitive player registration fees to the following without any reduction in benefits for the Cal South member Leagues/Clubs:
    1. $18 per player for U11 and younger (reduced from $26.75 per player)
    2. $24 per player for U12 to U19 (reduced from $26.75 per player)
  2. Eliminating the Release and Transfer Fee of $25 per Transfer between Leagues/Clubs

In the coming days, Cal South will continue with announcements regarding their Return to Play Plan with significant changes to the following programs:

  1. State Cup Rules and Regulations for 2021, making it easier for teams to enter this year’s State Cup Divisions and providing additional Wild Cards for the National League and Regional competitions.
  2. California Regional League and how it fits with the Cal South Sanctioned Gaming Leagues and the new expanded National League P.R.O. program of US Youth Soccer.
  3. Coaching Education discounts and benefits exclusive to our Cal South Members.
  4. Pro+/ODP revision for our members to extend the player identification at the local level.
  5. The elimination of other Cal South fees and exclusive Cal South member benefits.
  6. Updates to the TopSoccer Program.
  7. Referee Program benefits for Cal South Members.
  8. US Youth Soccer National League expansion and the new P.R.O program.
  9. Adult league programming and enhancements to other adult

Stay connected with Cal South for more announcements on the items listed above.