The Cal South Board of Directors met and took swift and comprehensive action for both the Competitive and Recreational programs.

The following announcement provides a new 2021-2022 “Let’s Play Rec Soccer” recovery plan for member youth recreational league affiliates returning to play after the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown of soccer.  Cal South is committed to serving its recreational youth athletic soccer community. The Cal South Board and Staff have been meeting with Recreational athletic youth soccer programs and members across the entire Southern California area. We have been listening to your feedback and incorporating many of your ideas into the future framework of our organization and programs. Over the next couple of weeks, Cal South will be making several exciting announcements that will further incorporate modifications we can make to our organization and to our programs to make them more available, more affordable, and better instructed than ever before.

Cal South wants to thank all of its recreational members for their support. Our hope is that we are one step closer to making soccer the most affordable, most available, best officiated, and best instructed soccer in Southern California.   Cal South President Roy Carlson, commented, “We are excited to announce the first steps in several initiatives that include financial remedies/assistance and new recreational program advancements for the 2021-22 seasonal year.”  Below are the 7 steps to “Let’s Play Rec Soccer” Recreational League initiatives:

  1. Registration Fee Reduction – To assist our recreation leagues’ financial impact, Cal South is reducing  its recreational player registration fees by $4.50. A new $12.00 per player fee will support our rec leagues’ financial sustainability.  As shown below this includes free Coaching License and Recreational coaches are not charged an annual registration fee.
  2. Recreational Leagues Seasonal Year – Recreational leagues will have the option of re-instituting the school-year registration period, August 1st to July 31st.  This is optional for every League and it will allow the players to play with their school friends and classmates.  Recreational leagues may retain the option to continue the current US Soccer Player Development Initiative (PDI) calendar year registration period of January 1st to December 3rd.
  3. Recreational Coaching Education – Properly licensed and educated coaches and volunteers are key to a fun and safe recreational soccer experience for youth players. Cal South will offer recreational coaches the opportunity to obtain appropriate online US Soccer coaching courses for all soccer formats (4v4 or 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11). These two-hour online courses, that include SafeSport and Cardiac Arrest certification, will be offered Free of charge to all registered Cal South recreational coaches in 2021. This saving of $25 will assist rec leagues to attract and certify new recreational coaches and team administrators.
  4. Grow Signature League Program – Expand the Signature League program to new Cal South areas. Offer recreational players and coaches the opportunity to compete in a locally run, recreational environment at a lower cost to leagues, players, and parents.
  5. Annual Recreational Leadership Workshops – Cal South is launching a series of Recreational Leadership Workshops in 2021 to offer innovative educational and training programs for our recreational leaders Free of charge.
  6. Cal South Grassroots Coordinator – A newly created Cal South Grassroots Coordinator role will serve as liaison and program coordinator with Cal South recreational leagues.  This role will serve and assist in developing new programs and opportunities for recreational soccer community.
  7. We will launch the US Soccer Coach for Community program, a free and versatile tool to help elevate coaching and improve player environments. More information will be announced in the coming weeks