Cal South announced today that US Soccer Coaching License Courses are moving to a new blended online format effective immediately due to the current pandemic. In addition to the new online format, US Soccer is also developing a full virtual coaching education platform within their Learning Center.

Cal South Technical Director Steve Hoffman believes the virtual courses will be released soon and offers an explanation to the new formats below.

“We really want to offer the traditional in-person course for all of our courses,” Hoffman said. “However, due to the current pandemic,  we are all having to adapt.”

Question: What’s the difference between Online, In Person Traditional, Blended and Virtual courses?

Online Course: Are those in which you are in-front of your computer completing the online interactive course without a live instructor. Currently the 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 Online License courses are offered in this format. (Cal South requires one of these courses for our Recreational Coaches)

In Person Traditional: Course Lectures & Trainings are taught in-person.

Blended Course: This course lecture is held via a virtual classroom with and in-person meeting

The format for both courses:

2 hours in a virtual classroom for both 9v9 and 11v11 In Person License courses.

2 hours in-person practice sessions for both 9v9 and 11v11 In Person License courses.

Virtual Course: This is a newest course format that will be released soon due to Covid19.  This course will be taught 100% virtually using other online learning tools.  All the courses we offer are taught by a certified US Soccer National Licensed Instructors.

If we look at the National D course in its traditional format, it involved course candidates meeting over five days in person with an 8-week development period between the first and second meetings. We plan on restarting the National D courses in September.

Under the new blended format, this National D course will be taught virtually by a US Soccer National Licensed Instructor over a 10-12-week period and will conclude with a one-day in-person assessment.

Question: How will this affect the traditional 10-day National ‘C’ course?

We are told that the ‘C’ course will move to a Blended format and will be taught virtually via online learning. This course will end with a 2-day In-Person meeting to complete the requirements.

US Soccer has mandated that all ‘C’ license courses start in October 2020 and that the in-person final meetings should be scheduled in Jan 2021.

The course will use virtual online learning, self-learning, and mentoring techniques.

In closing, Cal South and US Soccer are committed to creating this new education experience as a positive one for the entire membership.   We will have an 8 – 12 candidate to instructor ratio on all courses to ensure a stronger and enjoyable learning experience for all participants.