Strong 240-7 Outcome Signifies Necessary Changes
to Come in Governance & Customer Service 

FULLERTON, CA (February 23, 2022) – By a landslide result of 240 votes “for” to a mere 7 votes “against,” the proposed amended Bylaws that shall greatly determine the future of Cal South’s ongoing success as the premier youth soccer state association in the United States have been approved by the Affiliate Member Voting Membership.

With 319 possible votes available, thirty-three percent (33%) of the Voting Membership first needed to cast a ballot in order to achieve a quorum. Beyond that, three-quarters (75%) of the votes cast needed to be for approval of the Bylaws changes in order to pass.

With a solid 97% approval result out of 247 total votes collected, the result can read only as massive support amongst Cal South’s Affiliate Members Leagues and Clubs for the organization to move forward with crucial structural changes that will greatly expand Cal South’s ability to continue to provide opportunities and support for its full membership.

“I want to thank the Membership for their approach and overwhelming recognition of this opportunity for vital change to our organization,” said Cal South CEO, Terry Fisher. “We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but this overwhelmingly positive result lends a great glow to the beginning of the “new” Cal South.”

On January 21, 2022, Cal South opened the voting process to approve the proposed Bylaws changes, during which voting members consisting chiefly of the presidents of Cal South Affiliate Member Leagues and Clubs had a full month to complete their ballot. At the start of the process, all voting members were sent –– by both physical and electronic means –– materials featuring the proposed amended Bylaw and a ballot on which to cast their vote. Cal South also held a series of online Member Forum Meetings which allowed voting members immediate live access to information regarding the Bylaws changes.

The approval of the amended Bylaws also greatly changes the status of the currently ongoing Cal South Board of Directors Nominations and Elections process. With specific Bylaws changes focused directly on the restructuring of the Board of Directors’ positions and governance, the current process (which began in late December 2021) stops cold, and a new Nominations and Elections process will be launched based on the provisions set down in the newly amended Bylaws.

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