The First Round of group play in the 2017 Cal South Adult State Cup wrapped up last weekend with all participating teams getting their first activity in the tournament. The LA Wolves, who played their First Round match last weekend, hosted Chula Vista FC U23 in the Second Round, taking a 7-3 win over the San Diego County team, and giving them the current lead in Group B.

The previous day, Chula Vista took another tough hit, falling 4-2 to FC Long Beach at SilverLakes Park; the Long Beach team now sits in second place of Group B just below the LA Wolves. Strikers FC South Coast earned their first three points in Group A after defeating San Nicolas 2-1 on Saturday evening, while the Santa Ana Winds closed off Group A with a 1-0 victory over Real Sociedad Royals.

On Sunday afternoon, La Maquina kicked off the day with a 2-1 win over Moreno Valley FC. However, due to goal differential, last week’s Outbreak SC’s 2-0 win over USA/MEX Industry FC keeps the team as leader of Group D. SFV Scorpions took a strong lead of Group C after a 6-0 victory over AC Brea in their first matchup. To conclude the First Round of Play, LAUSC took a 1-0 win over the San Pedro Monsters on Sunday evening.

Participating teams now have until Sunday, April 16 to complete the Second Round of play. Upon the conclusion of the Third and Final Round of group play on April 23, the top two teams from each group will then advance to the Quarterfinals on April 30.