Cal South Credential Procedures for the Virtual Annual General Meeting set for Saturday, December 19, 2020

Dear Member:

The following are the credential procedures for participating in the Virtual Cal South Annual General Meeting as required by the Cal South bylaw d. Section 7. Voting By Members Article V. Member Meetings (AGM) and Voting.

1. Each Affiliate Member eligible and with a voting power of 1 or more will receive an email that will allow for a unique identifier.
2. A Roll Call will be performed and all eligible voting members that answer to the roll call will be added to the credentialed list for quorum tabulation.
3. Once Roll Call is complete there will be a final call for present Affiliate Members that did not answer to the initial Roll Call.
4. The credentialing will then be announced closed.
5. Once the credentialing is closed no other affiliate members will be credentialed to vote or added to the vote power quorum tabulation.