Rebranding is in advance of 50th anniversary
in 2024 as a US Youth Soccer state association

After 48 years, Cal South has proven itself as one of the most successful soccer associations in the U.S. Our level of quality, innovation, and service has long stood as the vanguard in youth and adult soccer, but the world – and soccer in Southern California – has changed greatly in the last few years.

To deliver what our members require of us, Cal South needed to change too. We needed to start in a fresh direction with a refocusing of purpose. A restructuring from the top down. A streamlined board of directors that concentrates on oversight, strategy, and “big picture” items, while a knowledgeable staff has ownership of day-to-day operations and policy. Expanding our customer service outreach to improve responsiveness to all members.

We will continue to serve as an innovation leader in soccer by providing exciting new opportunities at all levels. Broadening access to recreational play. Grassroots-level efforts to create programming and leagues in underserved and unaffiliated areas. Introducing new gaming leagues to give more athletes access to high-level play.

Fine-tuning our already successful coaching and referee education programs. Introducing mental performance training for a fuller fitness regimen. Embracing “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging” into all aspects of Cal South and its programs. Continuing to modernize the look and messaging of Cal South’s online and social media efforts to keep its message of Excellence of Soccer fresh and exciting for new generations of upcoming soccer players.


Part of our refocusing of purpose that ties directly into our digitalization initiative is the creation of an exciting, new organizational logo as a component of the most extensive, overall branding change since Cal South started in 1974. This rebranding effort is in advance of Cal South’s 50th anniversary in the year 2024 as a US Youth Soccer State Soccer Association. Our marketing team has created a new, modern design for Cal South that is sharp, streamlined, and forward-looking, while still maintaining distinct elements tied to Cal South’s long and successful history.

The old yellow-and-blue look is gone. The bear in the logo, who for most of Cal South’s history was portrayed as facing toward the left, has now been turned the opposite direction, a more than apt representation of a new direction for the organization as a whole.

Built around a basic red, white and blue palette, the new Cal South logo has been created with a focused set of variants –– including horizontal, vertical, wordmark, shield, and abbreviation/star versions –– for differing backgrounds, size placements, and purposes. The primary versions of the horizontal and vertical logos will be made immediately available to our members for downloading on our Logos and Branding page at

Additional updates incorporating the new logo have been made to the marks (in the form of shields) for our various primary departments: Cal South Coaching Education, Cal South Pro+ ODP, Cal South Referee Program, and Cal South TOPSoccer. These shields are for use only on materials distributed or created for each respective department (jerseys, banners, uniforms, tents, flags, informational flyers, etc.).

Moving forward, as upcoming events and state tournaments are created and announced by Cal South, the new logo look will also be incorporated within logos designed exclusively for those events and tournaments.


To help our members and staff in the proper usage of Cal South’s new marks and logos, a Brand Standards Guide has been created and will be downloadable as well on the Logos and Branding page alongside the logos.

The purpose of the Brand Standards Guide is to provide anyone who is planning to use any or all versions of Cal South’s logos a foundation for keeping consistency of our brand across all forms of media, business documents, apparel, and signage. This includes the use of our logos in broadcast media, online, merchandise, collateral, promotions, and advertising.

We ask that you review the guide carefully if you are planning to use our marks in any form. It is important to the organization that usage of its branding is consistent and professional. Please follow the guidelines outlined in the manual for the most effective expression of the Cal South brand. We reserve the right to ask that our branding be either corrected or removed if used in a manner that goes against the rules that we have set down for our marks in our Brand Standards Guide.


This is an exciting period for Cal South, as we seek to strengthen both our organizational structure and our branding and marketing thrust heading towards our 50th anniversary. There is no resting on laurels here; every department is being scrutinized and retooled to become swifter in response and more comprehensive in providing the best service and programs to our Affiliate Members and the players, parents, coaches, referees, volunteers, and administrators of which they are comprised.

A big push for this year will be at the grassroots level as we seek to bring new members in from areas where organized soccer access has been underserved. Working in conjunction with League America – US Youth Soccer’s new grassroots initiative – our first major push on this front is the 2022 Cal South League America Recreational Soccer Symposium, which will be held this Saturday, April 30th in Long Beach. [RSVP for FREE here:]

At this event, Cal South will lay out its plans for the future employing the League America model in recreational soccer programming, including player “skills and thrills” clinics, coaching and referee recruitment, education, and certification courses. Cal South will also touch on many of its initiatives and plans for the coming year at this event, including the official unveiling of its new branding.

“It is a great time to be a member of Cal South,” said Cal South CEO Terry Fisher. “In the next few years, Cal South will be at the center of the global soccer world with the World Cup 2026 and the 2028 Olympics taking place in our market. We will also celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2024 with amazing events which will commemorate the fabulous contributions of our Cal South community over the decades. The governance remodel and this rebranding are just the first parts of our evolution into the new Cal South.”

We hope that you are excited by our new logo designs, and that your league or club will use them to provide a connection to Cal South for your members, just as we provide space on our website to promote your league or club. The more we work with each other, the more we can learn how we can help your members further and gear our programs and services more toward what everyone needs. It is just another way we can continue to build a brighter future for soccer in Southern California.